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Sunday, February 12, 2006

Hand Dyed Romney

Well after a month of this yarn just sitting here on my desk I woke up this morning and decided that I am going to dye it. LOL SO it's an eclectic red variegated with some white (natural) areas. I don't know what I will call it but I really like how it turned out. It actually looks like I may have slightly felted my yarn. LOL It is kinda fuzzy. No... It turned out great! What do you think?

Well I did take a short break over this past month. I have been gearing up for some other things that I want to do. LOL But I am spindling at least an hour every day. The chocolate rabouliett is coming along though. I am really happy with the result that I am having with my spindle. But today I am going to visit my mom and I am going to use the spinning wheel for the first time. Am I scared??? Why of course I am. This is a whole new territory for me. I am uber excited at the same time too. She took my two older little ones (5 and 2) with her to her spinning guild meeting yesterday and my 5yo did some spindling while my 2yo tried to play with the goats. LOL I'm glad she found this group because it's close to both of us. I hope to go with her next weekend if I have time. :o)


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