javascript hit counter Confessions of a Fiber Addict: January 2006

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Falkland & Romney Rovings....

Happy New Year! I guess you can tell that I took a break over the holidays. I back and even more amped to show you what I did accomplish during that hectic time of year. LOL

Here is the falkland roving that I received from The Fiber Denn. It spins up nicely and drafts like you wouldn't believe. I have spun it in super bulky weight and there are 29yds. I can't believe how luxuriously soft this fiber is and I wanted to dye it but I couldn't wait for the dyes to arrive so it turned out to be a nice little hand crochet scarflet.
Here is my romey yarn that I got off of eBay. It's not as soft as some other yarns that I have now come across but it was fun to spin nonetheless. ;o) It is bulky weight and there are 37 yds. I hope to dye this yardage of yarn but I can't decide on what color(s) yet. LOL So I have it sitting beside my computer just admiring and smelling it. I think that could be a problem. I have come to love how wool smells. Someone would think I was nutty if they caught site of me just sitting and sniffing my yarn.