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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Rambouilett Wool plus....

Here is the rambouilett wool from RowanTree Woolery that I spun. It's shown in dark grey and dark chocolate. I still need to finish up the dark chocolate and start on the white. I didn't want to start on the white until I got the new order in. Hmmm now that I think about it maybe I will make a tweed with the white and chocolate brown. Darn that means that I will have to probably place another order. LOL Oh the other wool is fromt eh mystery batt that my mom gave me.

Plus I did some more shopping and just placed an order for a needle felting kit which includes:

  • felting needles: 1 - 36, 2 - 38s & 1 - 40 gauge

  • corriedale: 1/2 ounce each of black & white plus 1/4 ounce each of bright blue, pink, yellow, and red

  • merino wool: 1/4 ounce each of lima bean green, burgandy, lavender, and orange merino wool

  • 1 ounce of merino silk blend fiber plus 1/4 ounce each of light blue, a light orange, turquoise, and green

Plus another 8ozs of natural Merino wool.

Talk about building my stash quickly? LOL I will be able to do LOTS of needle felting plus I can use some for spinning as well. So that is exciting. I hope to have my packages rolling in beinning on Thursday. This should be a lovely fluffy week. Yay!!!

AlsoI am waiting to hear back from Mielke's Farms/Fiber Arts, LLC on a book in Japanese called Felting. It looks really interesting and I would really like to try it out.

I think I am official done shopping for now. I am kinda on the fence about some Merino wool that I saw at a really good price but I can't decide if I want to get that or some cormo. I am like a kid in the candy store because there are sooo many choices and I wat to do them ALL but I know my dh is going to flip when all the roving and goodies start showing up. I will have to somehow hide them to make sure that he doesn't see them until AFTER Xmas. ;o) Just pull out a few things at a time so he doesn't catch on to all of my fiber spending. I think I have 3lbs 9oz of various rovings coming. That's not as much as I thought. He still is going to be livid though. I think I may go for an even 4lbs or 3.5lbs. LOL I think the 9oz just throws off everything. LOL No I better be good. ;0)


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