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Monday, December 12, 2005

More roving arrived!!!

Today I received some more roving in the mail. Yay!! I recevied my pound of natural (white) rambouilett & 2ozs of dark chocolate rambouilett (which I am ready to finish up my skein)plus some other natural rambouilett roving samples from RowanTree Woolery and 8ozs of merino from eBay.

Yes I know that all of my roving are in the natural colors. I guess you could say that I am a naturalist when it comes to purchasing my roving. I like to make my own colorways and don't get me wrong purchasing already dyed roving would most definately make things easier but I like to add my own artistic energies to my yarn. So I will continure to buy my roving in the natural colors... browns, naturals (white) and greys.

I am in fiber heaven. LOL Now all I need to arrive is my romney and washfast acid dyes and I will be all set for a little while anyway. ;o) I am a part of a spinning list where they were saying how large their fiber stashes were and there were some people with stashes upwards of 25+ pounds of fiber. I hope to one day have mine that large. LOL Right now I am happy with my psuedo mini stash of 3lbs 9ozs not including the roving that I got in my needle felting kit. I know I will gain more in my stash over time. LOL


Blogger Linda @ RowanTree Woolery said...

I am so pleased you are happy with your roving! I am doubly pleased that you thought enough of us to post a link!
Thank you!
Your wheel is beautiful and your yarns are looking great!
Hope to see you back real soon!
RowanTree Woolery

9:07 PM  

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