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Monday, December 05, 2005

Confessions of a fiber addict....

Well it's official. I am a fiber addict... fiber-holic. No I am not talking about the fiber that you take/ eat to keep you regular but wool. LOL I just placed another order for more wool fiber this afternoon and I will probably be placing another one or tow before this day is over.

How did this happen you ask? Well my mom introduced me to knitting when I was 15 and I really didn't care for it at the time. SO she never pushed the subject. Then when I turned 19 she introduced me to spinning and weaving but being the know-it-all 19 year old I totally didn't even care. Then at 21 I saw some hand crochet headscarves and I wanted to make me some. So I taught myself to crochet and that was the beginning to the end. LOL I crochet all the time and I have evolved to point where I create my own patterns and do free form. So I guess spinning my own yarn was the next step in my evolution. Then in 2004 while attending a Lace Day (where a lot of people go to buy bobbin lace goodies, attend workshops and show off their wares), we had to share the event space with the Southern California Handweavers Guild during their Annual Weaving and Spinning Festival. I was reminded of my mom's spinning when I walked into their part of the vent and saw some people spinning on dropspindles. That immediately caught my eye until I got nauseated (I was 3 mos pregnant at the time) but I had the lady show me how to do it. I didn't want my mom to know that I was interested since she tried to show me so many years previous. Plus at this point she wasn't able to hold a spindle very well due to her hands couldn't grasp onto the fibers like she used too. She uses her spinning wheel (which she has two Ashford Traveller and Ashford Kiwi) to make her yarn.

This year after I gave birth to my 3 child I decided that I will go ahead and try my hand at this drop spindle thing and the rest is herstory. So now I will use this blog a journal of sorts for my fiber addiction. ;0)


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