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Friday, December 09, 2005

Acid dyes, spinning wheels and my domestic top arrived!!!

Well I want to dye all this roving that I have coming. Yes I know the econocial way of dyeing my roving as I have used Kool-Aid dyes in the past for my store bought wool yarns but I would really like to try my hand at some acid dyes for my handspun yarn. LOL So I am looking for acid dyes and there are soo many to choose from. Jacquard, Lanaset, Gaywools, Cushings, Washfast, etc... I am trying to see which one si should try or should I try them all and see which I like? i have fiber reactive dyes but that seem slike a more involved process than I want to do. LOL I know there is always the alternative that I can use food coloring but will that come out brighter than Kool-Aid?? So I am on the hunt for either the acid dyes and/or food coloring. I did some WashFast Acid Dyes on eBay that I am interested in getting. I just am waiting to hear back from the seller. I hope they answer like today. LOL

Since I am in the dyeing mood I was looking on Amazon and am interested in getting the "Hands On Dyeing" book because I heard that it really helps woth color theory and all that good stuff.

And the "Spinning Designer Yarns" book seems to be calling my name also. LOL With the two them together I get free shipping, so I am really thinking about getting them to take advantage of the free shipping for the offer expires on the 16 of Dec but I want to make sure that there isn't any other book that I want before I place my order. LOL

So I am thinking about one day getting a spinning wheel. I was looking into getting the
Babe Electic Spinner or the Babe Production Spinning Wheel.
I have heard rave reviews about these awesome PVC spinning wheels. I know they aren't the conventional ones but they are cost effective and the end product is just as awesome as the wooden spinning wheels. I really excited after I heard some really awesome reviews about it. I am thinking about hinting my dh that I would rather have that than my mp3 player and embroidery machine. I said I was thinking about it. LOL I am not sure that I would want to give those things up as I have being those for a long time as well. So I don't know I guess I am between a rock and a hard place right now. ;o)

Now onto my most exciting news of all. I got the first of my many packages in the mail today. I received my 6ozs of dometic top and it is super fluffy soft. LOL I know the mailperson was probably wondering what it was. I am hoping to dive into this wonderful top later on this evening. I can't right now because my 3 little ones are way too wired up for me to try and spin anything. LOL I will give a few review on the supplier and the wool once I acutally get into the wool. So stay tuned for the reviews of this domestic wool...


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